Thursday, December 2, 2010


...I've just been recording in PAF the new info I've found on this family. This was a fairly prolific family, it seems a bit strange that I haven't been contacted by any living descendants [with the exception of Kimi Ruiz, descendant of Emma Augusta Hempstead].

At any rate, my primary question was answered, Phoebe Hempstead does descend from Joshua Hempstead of New London CT. I still have nothing on Sarah Sherman, wife of Christopher Hempstead [Sr.]. And the Nathaniel Hempstead b. 1803 Brooklyn NY, died 1870 Riverhead, Long Island...I  believe he married Caroline Glispie, but can find absolutely nothing on the family he may have had, nor what occurred in his life between his marriage and his death...I did find one or two articles in the Brooklyn Daily Eagle mentioning a Nathaniel Hempste[a]d who was drunk and disorderly...don't know if that was him or not.