Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What About Clement Miner Hempstead?

Clement Miner Hempstead was supposedly named after the Clement Miner who married a Hempstead relative in New London, Connecticut. In looking back over the Hempstead family tree, it appears that Nathaniel Hempstead Sr. had a sister named Abigail who married Clement Miner. At first glance it looks a little strange to me - Nathaniel Sr. [b. 1753] moved to Brooklyn, NY in the late 1790's. His 2 sons were also b. in New London, but moved with their father to Bklyn at around the ages of 10 and 15. When they eventually married, would they even remember their aunt?

On the other hand, I recall from viewing numerous microfiche at the LDS Family History Centers, that the Hempsteads of New London and Long Island, New York went back and forth between the 2 locales quite regularly, including having their children baptised in both places. Thus it doesn't seem too far-fetched to think that the Hempsteads of Bklyn could have maintained a fairly close relationship with their New London relatives.

In looking for the parentage of Clement Miner, the only 2 possibilities appear to be Christopher Hempstead Sr., making Clement a brother of "my" Christopher Hempstead [Jr.], or Nathaniel Hempstead Jr. who married Mary Pedricks. Nathaniel Jr. died before 1820; Clement married Sarah Brown around 1834 and resided Long Island by 1840; at 1850 Nathaniel III was living with his mother in Bklyn. [He died 1870 and was buried in Riverhead, NY in Clement's family plot.]

Tracking Clement as a child in the earlier censuses [1810-1830] has not been totally successful. I cannot locate him at all in 1830, at least not as head of household, and not as a child at home with either Mary Hempstead or Christopher Hempstead Sr. In 1820, however, he fits into either household!

Clement's children, in order of birth, were: 2 children died as infants; Mary [named after his mother?], Clement Jr., Nathaniel [after his father?], Caroline, Sarah [after his wife], Anna [after his sister?], Lillian, and Eliza [after another sister?]. He only had 2 living sons, neither of whom was named Christopher.

Based on the names of Clement's children, and Nathaniel [III]'s burial in Clement's family plot in Riverhead, it appears to me that Clement was the son of Nathaniel Jr. and Mary, thus a brother of Nathaniel Hempstead III.

Clement Miner Hempstead and John Hempstead [son of Christopher Hempstead Jr.] were neighbors in Riverhead for years. Their relationship, based on the above supposition, would have been first cousins, once removed.

* Obtain death certificate of Clement Miner Hempstead [1888] to ascertain parents.

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