Friday, October 16, 2009

Updates on Christopher Hempstead

  • Christopher Hempstead [Sr.]'s wife's maiden name may have been Van Winkle.  According to yet another newspaper article published in the Brooklyn Daily Eagle, reference was made to a male relative by that surname.  Have yet to look into it further. [Subsequently found her obituary, and her maiden name:  Sarah Sherman.  Also, per probate documents of Nathaniel Hempstead, father of Chris Sr., Van Winkle was the married name of Anna Hempstead, sister of Chris Sr.]

  • According to an article on the history of the Methodist Episcopal Church, both Christopher Sr. and Jr. were members of the Church, both signing in as members at the first meeting of the new church in Wallabout, in June 1837:

Christopher Hempsted
Christopher Hempstead, Jr.
Elizabeth J. H. Hempstead

  • According to the 1850 census, Christopher's wife at that time was named "Elizabeth J." , and they had been married within the year.  So was the 1850 Elizabeth a different woman?  If so, Christopher married (1) Alice, (2) Elizabeth J.H., (3) Elizabeth J., and (4) Susan [whom I found in an online death index dated 1884]. 

  • In checking Brooklyn city directories online, I found Christopher listed through 1882.  His wife Susan was listed as his widow in the 1883 directory only [she died the following year].  Thus I assume Christopher died somewhere between 1881-1882.

Isn't it amazing that with every new piece of information, more questions arise?!


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